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About Us

Quzhou Juyifu Chemical Co., Ltd. Located in Quzhou city (source of Qiangtang River), Quzhou Juyifu Chemical Co., Ltd. enjoys good location for Quzhou city has very convenient traffic conditions in railway, highway and aviation.

The company is committed to the sales and business of fine chemical and basic chemicals, and boasts years' of marketing experiences in new-type refrigerants and fire-extinguishing agents. with good economic and technical strength as well as assured quality. Besides our self-manufacturing products, we also sell refrigeration products of Juhua Group and other famous overseas brands. We are also armed with large powered haulage vehicles, van trucks and tank trucks to offer you safe, efficient and fast one-stop service involving trade, storage and Transportation, etc. Our products now have been certificated to ISO9001 and ISO14001. 

Sticking to such idea of "Hi-tech, Big investment, and Excellent Profits" and tenet of "To get survival by excellent quality, to obtain market by excellent reputation", we are working hard on our business. Now, our products are well sold in most cities and provinces in China, and some of them are exported to the USA, Europe, Japan and the Southeast Asia; customers are highly satisfied with our products. Juyi looks forward to cooperating with friends all over the world for mutual development.

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